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Febe Dress

Evie Dress

Lauryn Dress

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our story

We are four sisters, who one day decided to be on a new mission together.

We were born and raised  in  a little town in the North of Italy…

let's be sustainable

Our aim is to create simple, versatile and timeless pieces that will make us feel good, confident and beautiful. Because – we believe –  this is how fashion should be. 

Our approach

At Fouremme we are committed to find sustainable solutions – from the fabrics we use to the way we deliver our dresses.

For us sustainability means closing the loop and making choices that respect our planet and people. 

Sustainability and Transparency go hand in hand . As a responsible brand we want to share with you the whole story behind our creations. Because we value your opinion and we want you to be part of our incredible journey. 

“It is all about telling you the full story”

The founders 

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