our manufacturer

A small local team in the heart of London are the masters behind the creation of our garments. We trust a fairly small team, with many years of experience in every area of the garment making industry. Precise and expert hands, attentive eyes and passion for quality are their key elements.

Our manufacturer is a stone’s throw away from our premises, this means we can oversee every step of the production process. In this way, we ensure that our garments are finished to the highest standards and that employees are fairly treated, receive fair wages and work under good conditions.

Made to last

With a deep understanding of design aesthetics, garment production and the properties of any type of fabrics, our manufacturer works with commitment,  accuracy and motivation. 

Made in Italy - COMING SOON

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It is not always easy to cut our carbon footprint, but we are trying our best!

We couldn’t be happier to announce that we will soon start to work with a new manufacturer located in Milan. In this way, we want to ease the transportation to those countries outside the UK – reducing our overall carbon footprint. 

It sounds great, doesn’t it?